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At the center of every home is the kitchen as a meeting place to enjoy and live. In it, the demands are high: it must be resistant and durable, and years later continue to function perfectly. That is why we are committed to the use of high-quality materials and the best finish: such as the innovative “PUResist” edge coating, which offers the ideal protection against moisture.

In our kitchen systems, an exacting appearance and state-of-the-art craftsmanship naturally form a unit to make cooking a pleasant experience.


Aesthetic, design-oriented and modern.
The kitchen programs in the “Modernity” section are presented in a clear and functional way. In the first place, clear structures with informal fronts and chromatic variations are pursued.

Modern Country

An atmosphere that broadens the heart: the rustic style conveys a feeling of warmth and seclusion. Quality materials in a handcrafted finish and details full of affection, such as shelves with vegetable stands, tall cabinets with shelves for dishes or profiled columns reflect the calm and comfort of rural life, turning the kitchen into an attractive center of attention in the house. The reinterpretation of ancestral values here means human warmth and modern kitchen technique in perfect harmony.

Handleless kitchens

The essential is invisible. The simple clarity of these aesthetically reduced kitchens is evident in the straightness, the reduction to the essentials and in the precision. Wide and simple fronts, noble materials and innovative technique are the hallmarks of this modern kitchen architecture that pays tribute to new individual forms of the home and furnishings.

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