At the center of every home is the kitchen as a meeting place to enjoy and live. In it, the demands are high: it must be resistant and durable, and years later continue to function perfectly. That is why we are committed to the use of high-quality materials and the best finish: such as the innovative “PUResist” edge coating, which offers the ideal protection against moisture penetration. Our kitchen systems, sophisticated looks and premium craftsmanship naturally form a single unit to make cooking a pleasant experience.




Our entire collection is designed to meet expectations and satisfy demands in a supportive and harmonious way with the daily routine. Hence, we focus our innovation on improving the ergonomics and functionality of our products, maximizing the benefits that a kitchen can offer us, thanks to the application of the most innovative technologies that allow us to create practical spaces in accordance with the demands of the times. demanding, changing and fast that we live, in which it is essential to adapt to the needs and preferences of each individual.




We are always looking for the best partners to offer a product and service that meets all the expectations of our customers. It is for this reason that we have alliances with renowned firms such as HÄCKER KÜCHEN, GARBIANTI, NEFF, FRANKE, ELICA, COSENTINO, among others. This allows us to offer the best of each one to satisfy the demands of our clients.


DUBOIS concept.  We design spaces to awaken your senses.




At DUBOIS concept we seek constant improvement in the protection of the environment. Efficient energy, lower emissions and recycling are just concepts, but for us they are values ​​of sustainability necessary for the future. We are aware of the importance of our greatest source of resources and raw materials, nature, and that is why our emphasis is on caring for and pampering the environment, working with design and manufacturing processes that respect it, with which we manage to generate low impact. environmental.

Our industrial partners guarantee a modern environmental management system based on the DIN EN ISO 14001: 2009 regulations, whose certificates can be requested through any of our contact channels. There is a policy of integration in the environmental issue by our partners for both workers and suppliers. The commitment to a water-based coating system with low emissions has been decisive in reducing them.

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