Thought for you. Designed for you.


At DUBOIS concept, bathroom spaces are designed to suit your preferences, always in tune with your tastes, inside and out.

Trees like Oak, Chestnut or Walnut; Materials such as stone, solid surface or ceramic provide us with a top quality raw material to flood the space with warmth and personality. But not everything is in the material. We design evocative environments through different furniture compositions according to your space and storage needs.

The purity of the lines and the robustness of the components in combination with the carefully selected accessories, make the bathroom a place of refuge and relaxation, ideal for relieving the stresses of the day.


Character elements

Simple shapes, innovative design and materials with matte finishes attract everyone’s eye.

Organic and modern

The combination of styles is a reality capable of creating a clean and elegant atmosphere.



A natural material as a base with steel accessories, a winning and classy bet.


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