The duration of the guarantee is 5 years from the date of delivery of the products to the buyer, which must be confirmed with the presentation of the invoice or receipt.

To benefit from this guarantee, the customer must keep and present the Purchase Document that is delivered with the products and contains the identification information for the purchase of the product.

If the warranty claim is requested more than 2 years after the date of delivery of the product, which must be confirmed by presenting the invoice or receipt, the retailer may charge the consumer for labor costs related to the repair / replacement of the item. defective as well as transportation costs from the retailer’s warehouse to the consumer’s home.



Given the structural characteristics of the products, the warranty only applies to products used for domestic purposes and therefore excludes products used for professional and / or industrial purposes.



Electrical appliances, sinks, mixer taps, lighting systems and any other accessory not manufactured by DUBOIS Group S.L are excluded from the guarantee. Therefore, complaints regarding failure or damage caused by such appliances / devices should be addressed directly to the manufacturer in accordance with the warranty conditions applicable to such appliances / devices.

The following events are also excluded from the warranty: normal wear of the components; damage caused by failure to follow the prescribed maintenance and cleaning procedures or failure to comply with the rules prescribed in the user manual; damage caused by improper use of the product; hits; difference between the sample color shown at the time of purchase and the color of the product delivered; color variation over time (for example on wooden or lacquered surfaces, etc.); variation in dimensions due to a change in the environmental humidity balance; damage after incorrect assembly; damage caused by the installation of non-original spare parts or accessories; damage caused by repairs carried out by unauthorized personnel; manipulated with chemicals; damage caused by inadequate electrical and power supply systems.



This guarantee is valid in all countries where DUBOIS Group S.L. products are officially distributed.



Warranty claims must be submitted in writing and addressed to the retailer where the products were purchased clearly stating the reason for the claim and attaching, where possible, photographic evidence to support the claim.

If the retailer where the products were purchased is no longer an authorized retailer of DUBOIS Group S.L., the consumer can direct the claim to another authorized distributor of DUBOIS Group S.L. near his address, or make the request directly through customer service: customerservice@duboisconcept.com., where you will be informed how to proceed.

The consumer must notify DUBOIS Group S.L. of defect or damage to the product within twenty days after discovery. The claim must be supported with a photocopy of the purchase invoice or receipt and photographs when possible.



In no case may unauthorized retailers perform warranty interventions. The consumer can choose to request repair or replacement of the product at no cost in both cases.

If the chosen course of action is not objectively possible or if DUBOIS Group S.L. considers it too expensive compared to the alternative, DUBOIS Group S.L. will first assess the opportunity to repair the goods, if possible, where the cost of repairs does not exceed the value of the product and the purchase price.

If the cost of repairs is excessive, the product will be replaced, in which case DUBOIS Group S.L. and / or the retailer will have the right to collect the replaced product and regain ownership of it.

DUBOIS Group S.L. You will have the right to replace the defective product with a newer model of equal quality and performance, where compatible.

Repairs or replacements will be carried out within a reasonable interval after receiving the request (with documentation), at the discretion of DUBOIS Group S.L .. For interventions under warranty outside of Spain, but in European Union countries, DUBOIS Group S.L. It will only pay the costs of transporting the replacement materials to the warehouse of the authorized retailer where the consumer bought the product, any additional transport costs will be borne by the customer.

For warranty interventions in countries outside the European Union, DUBOIS Group S.L. will make material available for collection at the factory, with transport rates charged to the consumer and / or retailer where the product was purchased.



This guarantee and any dispute of both a contractual and non-contractual nature related to the products and / or damages derived from the products will be governed by Spanish legislation.


Regardless of the terms of this guarantee, the consumer will have the right to the rights and powers established by the applicable laws that govern the sale of consumer goods, which are in no way prejudiced by these general conditions.

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