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NEFF is a brand dedicated to those who love cooking. Their mission since 1877 has been to develop ideas that exactly match what enthusiastic cooks are looking for: Slide & Hide® – the disappearing oven door, CircoTherm® – NEFF’s special hot air system, and TwistPad® – the magnetic regulator knob. Detachable for your countertop, for example, they are fantastic tools for anyone who enjoys creating impressive dishes in the company of family and friends. They are constantly searching for new ideas that make cooking, baking, washing dishes and chilling food easier, so that those who love to cook will enjoy their kitchens even more.

Cooking with enthusiasm is the defining trait of the brand, and has been doing so for the past 140 years.

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Häcker Küchen

The name Häcker Küchen is synonymous with reliability, modernity and quality. Its good position in the market is due both to its production capacity and to the development of innovative products in line with the times, but above all, especially, to the excellent quality of its products.

Häcker Küchen demonstrates the flexibility with which its furniture can be used, and how both visually and functionally they offer an ideal solution, even outside the kitchen. Häcker Küchen attaches great importance to the diversity of materials, colors and surfaces in order to design a piece of furniture as individual and flexible as possible and thus open up a great variety of possibilities.

With 120 years of history, Häcker Küchen is one of the largest manufacturers of kitchen furniture in Europe.

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Founded in 1911, with its headquarters currently located in Aarburg, Switzerland, the Franke Group is one of the leading manufacturers of stainless steel sinks and kitchen faucets. With more than 10,500 employees around the world, Franke is recognized worldwide for its innovation, quality and guarantee. All Franke sinks are exquisitely handcrafted, from traditional style to modern design.

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Garbianti Group

Since its foundation in 1980, Garbianti has focused on the design and manufacture of kitchen and bathroom furniture. The constant search to offer a high quality product and the know-how accumulated over 40 years have positioned it as a reliable and guaranteed firm in the national market. The continuous application of new manufacturing technologies and traditional craftsmanship make it possible to obtain the best results, creating practical and pleasant spaces.


Elica is synonymous with efficiency, innovation and design worldwide in the range hood market. In 37 years, more than 53 million families around the world have chosen Elica range hoods to control the air quality in their kitchens.

Dekton® | Cosentino

Grupo Cosentino is a global Spanish family business that produces and distributes innovative high-value surfaces for the world of design and architecture. It works together with its clients and partners to offer solutions that add design and value, and inspire the lives of many people.

This objective is possible thanks to pioneering and leading brands in their respective segments such as Silestone®, Dekton® or Sensa by Cosentino®. Technologically advanced surfaces that allow the creation of unique environments and designs for the home and public spaces.

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